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Mar. 24th, 2007

Wallpapers and more!

All posts have been brought completely up-to-date (with the select graphics I wanted them to retain) today. Some fandoms' wallpapers or friends only signs, etc. have not been added. This means I do not PLAN on adding them at all. They will only be available at Beautiful-Illusion.net until the end of May, so grab what you want.

Also, I've finally made a real update with new graphics. There aren't that many because I've been sick lately, but I made six or seven icons of the movies Prisoner and Premonition as well as one Prisoner wallpaper all of which you may find here.

Mar. 9th, 2007

Icons online... and tutorials, but do you care?

All icons are online here, including the Tsunade ones that I created a short days ago. Fracking A. It took me two hours to do that crap. @_@ Actually, that was quite shorter than I thought it would take. >> The tags are organized, too. :3 I'll be adding some of the graphics (i.e. wallpapers, friends only signs) later. Right now there's a fracking gnat in the office and it's bothering the crap out of me. >_<! I also added the tutorials that were on B-I.net.

Mar. 4th, 2007


For those who hadn't noticed, I had stopped updated fishpwnsgfx a long time ago. Since, I have made more icons and graphics that were posted on my site Beautiful Illusion. Come the end of May this year, hosting at Beautiful Illusion will expire, and I plan on purchasing a new hosting plan and domain entirely. Therefore, all of my graphics will be moved back here to this journal starting when I get up off of my lazy butt and organize this place. Yes. Organize. Well, technically reorganize. I plan on having root posts ("../post22341.html") for each subject (Julian McMahon, Supernatural). Then I will make updating posts that link to whichever subjects got more icons. If that's confusing, just wait. You'll see.

Until then, I will also be shifting around the images, so a few links may be broken. Don't worry. B-I.net/icons is still up for now, so you can get icons there while I am reorganizing these. Done.

..................I'm also going to make a new layout. Done. Oooh, it covers multiple fandoms. :D

Dec. 4th, 2006



Television: Charmed

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